Medical Checkup & SPA treatment

Combining vacations with a form of health treatment can rejuvenate, invigorate, heal and allow you to recharge and return home feeling refreshed!

General Medical Examination

General Medical Examination (also known as medical checkup, annual physical examination, general health check, periodic health evaluation, comprehensive medical exam) usually includes a complete physical examination and some lab tests according to the physical status, medical history and family medical history of the person.

The Medical Checkup is considered a preventive medicine form and the most effective one. It helps diagnose diseases in the early stage, make the treatment much more efficient and the health/living status much higher. Also, the General Medical Examination decreases the cost of a medical treatment of a disease that may occur in the future.

The medical evaluation usually starts from the visit to a general practitioner (GP), although it may require specialized visits for more detailed examinations if needed.

There are several checkup packages designed especially for women and men, depending on their age.


Medical spa and wellness treatment

The art of medicine had a multi-century tradition in Greece, going back to Hippocrates and the famous Asclepieion at Epidauros. It is widely known that for the Ancient Greeks, health is a matter of a holistic approach and body, soul and mind exist as a unity.

The Medical Spa in modern Greece is based in old tradition, the existence of important thermal water springs all over Greece, the modern spa approach and medical knowledge. Medical Spa Centers were developed to help visitors improve their health and relax at the same time. Various Relax, Detox and Healing treatments are available to the visitors and could be individually adjusted to your needs and wishes. Treatments like thermal spring cures, thalassotherapy, massages, yoga, aesthetic medicine treatments, physiotherapy, water-therapy and many others are at your disposal in tailor-made programs.

Combining vacations with a form of health treatment can rejuvenate, invigorate, heal and allow you to recharge and return home feeling refreshed!

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