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Greece is a country known worldwide for its tourism services. The choices a tourist has regarding his stay are endless. Hotels of all categories are at your disposal depending on the level of service the guest wishes, luxury resorts, apartments, spa resorts and health resort facilities.

Med Elite ensures that the health traveler, depending on the medical service he or she wants to receive, has the right choice aiming at a high level of accommodation and hotel facilities which will ensure a comfortable stay for the patience and his/her escort.

Med Elite has available for its clients a selected number of alternatives during his/her stay in Greece for the entire period of treatment, recovery, or check-up:

  • Accommodation, according to your wishes and your budget, from a reasonably priced 3-star hotel room to a 5-star hotel suite;
  • on-site hotel accommodation at the medical centre or health resort;
  • in-patient ward at the medical centre including the attendants (a number of clinics offer special wards with separate rooms designed for relatives and accompanying persons of the patient);
  • apartment or villa rental (most frequently for patients after plastic surgeries or during long-term recovery).

The cost of lodging depends on the hotel class, ward facilities as well as the period of year when you‘ll decide to take your medical trip, the time spent here in Greece, the desired level of accommodation and service.

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